1. What's Your JEDI Name? Calculator - Star Wars Theory


9 hours ago › List Of All The Jedi › Star Wars Jedi Names List

2. Jedi Knight Names for Females and Males | Roleplayer's ...


26 hours ago  · March 9, 2020 by SWT Admin 19 Comments. Hey guys, Ever wondered what your JEDI Name would be? Try out the Jedi Name Calculator below and post your results in the forum ….

3. Star Wars Name Generator - Generate Great Jedi Names


24 hours ago  · Jedi Knight names will generally reflect the class the Jedi Knight is from. In the case of SWTOR, Jedi Knights can be any of the following races: (name lists coming soon) Human RP Names. Miraluka. Mirialan. Twi'lek. Zabrak. You may wish to check out the above names to help find a name for your Jedi. In addition to the class specific names above, Jedi will generally fit into classifications such …

4. The Jedi Council: Who's Who |


2 hours ago To start generating names, simply go down to the generator on this page and click on "Generate Star Wars Names", you can click this button until you find a name you like. You can also create a short-list or favorites list of names by clicking on the names in the 'Star Wars Names Generated' list. I hope this helps you find the perfect Jedi name!

5. What's your Jedi name? | Jedi Council Forums


4 hours ago  · When we compare the Jedi High Council from 32 BBY to the final one from 19 BBY, we see that five Jedi Masters had permanently been on the Council in the last decades of the Jedi Order: Plo Koon, Mace Windu, Yoda, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Saesee Tiin.

6. Jedi Order Members - Comic Vine


34 hours ago  · When Star Wars II came out, there was this cereal box that had where you could decode your name into a Jedi name. But it really didn't make any sense because not all Jedi's names were made the same way like that.I cant remember exactly how it was done but here's how my cousin and I do it, if your interest in having a weird Jedi name.

7. Meet the Ewoks from Endor |


1 hours ago Adi Gallia. A Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council during the Clone Wars. She was a friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. During the mission of searching for Darth Maul on the ...

8. Characters | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Wiki | Fandom


2 hours ago The Ewoks that receive their name for the first time in this article are Wispeth, Greemon, Lakotup, Wijunkee, Barneeson, Taras, Brethupp, Fufuneek and Khungata. Some of these individuals are rather hard to identify. Brethupp is an easy one since he …

9. The Jedi Characters - Giant Bomb


30 hours ago Listed below are all the characters that appear in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. 1 Character List 1.1 Heroes 1.2 Villains 1.3 Enemies 1.4 Creatures 1.5 Unknown See Enemies See Creatures Vurrsk

10. Jedi - Wikipedia


34 hours ago Brianna is the "Last Handmaiden" on a Jedi Academy located on Telos IV in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. She initially does not reveal her name to the Exile; until she mentions her name late in the game, she is referred to as the Handmaiden.


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