1. Which are the Best NMZ bosses to train on? The Complete ...


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2. Best NMZ boss setup for XP? : 2007scape - reddit


29 hours ago  · Which bosses to absolutely avoid in NMZ. The reason NMZ is so coveted is because of the incredible afk-ness of the minigame, combined with the crazy XP per hour one can reach in it. However, while there is a list for the best NMZ bosses to train on, there is also a list for the worst NMZ zone bosses.

3. Nightmare Zone/Strategies | Old School RuneScape Wiki | Fandom


25 hours ago  · Best NMZ boss setup for XP? Question. If I use Bitterkoejks calculator, the 5 bosses that give the most XP are Arrg, Dad, Moss giant, Count Draynor and Sand Snake. However, I head that the trolls have special moving and stunning attacks, so should I …

4. Dharok NMZ - Best mode and bosses for max xp/hr? : 2007scape


25 hours ago Upon adopting either the standard Prayer strategy or Absorption method, Smoke Barrage is the best spell to use for Magic. It does not require Soul runes, and it does not stop enemies from moving. This is vital to obtaining the most XP. The player can cast about 1,200 spells per hour. Also, vital is luring the bosses. The process of luring is ...

5. OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide - MmoGah


35 hours ago  · Dharok NMZ - Best mode and bosses for max xp/hr? Discussion. Close. 5. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Dharok NMZ - Best mode and bosses for max xp/hr? Discussion. Currently I've been doing Customisable Rumble (Hard) with the bosses: Count Draynor. King Roald. The Kendall. Tree Spirit. Khazard Warlord.

6. Theoatrix's Nightmare Zone Guide (OSRS)


8 hours ago On top of these bosses, you should add any easy Melee bosses like Count draynor, the Khazard warlord, or Bouncer. But, always try to have those four boosting bosses available. For the best XP rates, you’ll want to use Prayer all of the time, as well as Absorptions and Overloads. I recommend Dharok’s or your best damage per second gear.

7. NMZ Power Training - Runescape Mini Game Guides - Old ...


33 hours ago  · Currently, there are actually 4 Bosses in the game that give more XP per damage point. Arrg gives a 17.5% XP boost when you damage him, and the other 3 on this list work their way down to 7.5%. On top of these Bosses, you should add any easy Melee Bosses – like Count Draynor, the Khazard Warlord, or Bouncer – but, always try to have those 4 ...

8. Basic NMZ Melee Guide (No Dh) - Rune-Server


1 hours ago The minigame takes you into a "dream" where you face off against quest bosses you have previously defeated. This is not a full guide on NMZ, but a guide based on how to maximize the experience you receive. Players quickly found out you can use accounts with only the minimal amount of quests to obtain the best XP. These accounts are called ...

9. OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide | Old School Runescape NMZ Melee ...


2 hours ago  · With the change to NMZ allowing you to choose your own bosses, bots for the most part are irrelevant, you'll now be able to choose bosses that are better xp/hr. I'd say 70+ in your combat stats as requirements. As well as 43 prayer for Protect From Melee. So your ideal hard rumble should be.-General Khazard (After the completion of Fight Arena)

10. What is the best setup for training strength at NMZ in ...


13 hours ago  · This NMZ Guide is focused on training your melee stats. If you have any questions after watching this Nightmare Zone Guide let me know in the comments section below! NMZ Wiki Link - …

11. Amazing Guide and tips for the Nightmare Zone (NMZ) only ...


36 hours ago  · The best Xp/H in NMZ by far is 1hp Absorption method with full DH set and d claws/ G maul to spec while pray flicking piety, this is optimised with the best in slot str gear such as primordial boots, amulet of torture, ferocious gloves and an infe...

12. 100k exp/hr NMZ Range? - Runescape - OSBot :: 2007 OSRS ...


30 hours ago  · Fortunately, once you finish 5 quests which have end bosses, a teleport to the minigame is unlocked. Why should you do the NMZ? The reason people do the NMZ is because it holds one of the best XP per hour methods for leveling up combat stats. However, NMZ is …

13. NMZ For Points - OSRS Advice


29 hours ago  · Posted a few changes/updates, update is now live. @rauno657 you are epic sir, keep it up! Please bot responsibly, lemme know if you run into any issues so I can add more updates/new features! Gl sir Demonic gorillas - almost done, this is my …

14. Atk/Def/Str - AFK NMZ - Up To 110k xp/hr - FIFO


7 hours ago My best dream took about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I left with 1,050,000 points. There was a conversation in the cc about this, so I figured what good topic for my first post! My combat stats are not the best, sitting at the following. 79 Hitpoints 78 Attack …


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