1. Best MTB videos: 10 segments you need to watch


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2. The 15 Most Viewed Mountain Bike Videos on YouTube


16 hours ago Josh Bender – New World Disorder II. The New World Disorder franchise had an enormous impact on mountain biking, from the choices of music to the huge freeriding drops and the attitude of the riders themselves.Brandon Semenuk – One Shot. Probably the most beautifully shot riding edit ever made, Canadian slopestyle legend Brandon Semenuk took the world by storm when his unReal segment dropped in 2015, and for good reason.Where the Trail Ends – China Segment. Still considered by many to be one of the best mountain biking films of all time, and certainly one of the most ambitious, this China segment featuring Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge and James Doerfling is just pure freeriding, wanderlust-inducing, mountain-shredding joy.Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home. Trials king Danny MacAskill has so many videos that could’ve been on this list, but Way Back Home might just be the most iconic.

3. Mountain bike movies: The 11 best to get you pumped


14 hours ago So, we decided we would tally up the top 15 most viewed mountain bike video on YouTube – taken from the searches for ‘mountain bike’, ‘mountain bikes’, ‘mountain biker’, ‘mtb’ and ‘mountain biking’ – and see what came out on top. To be honest, there are some surprising omissions in there though.

4. Global Mountain Bike Network - YouTube


33 hours ago  · Check out our selection of some of the best MTB and BMX movies (and one must-watch series) that you can currently watch online or download for free. BMX 12 of the best bike …

5. The 10 Best Mountain Bike Movies Of All Time - The ...


13 hours ago The Global Mountain Bike Network is the best MTB YouTube channel, with videos for everyone who loves dirt: from the full-faced helmet downhill mountain biker...

6. 10 of the greatest mountain biking songs - Dirt


25 hours ago  · You can't ride all the time. Sometimes you need to rest or the weather is just so awful that you cannot face heading out. When we are not out on the trails or writing topnotch articles to help you become a better rider, we like to chill out and watch mountain bike movies. Here is the best part about it: it technically does not count as doing nothing.

7. Mountain Bike Videos - Pinkbike


32 hours ago Motorhead – ace of Spades. Is there a more perfect tribute to Lemmy Kilmister than this? A massive huck to flat heralds the beginning of two and a half minutes of rowdy flat out action as George Brannigan leaves Queenstown broken and battered in his wake.Pendulum – Tarantula. Everyone seems to complain about e-mtbs but they’ve clearly forgotten about Rob Warner‘s fan bike. Capable of hitting 50 mph and louder than a jump jet, Warner’s mad contraption made for the greatest intro to any mountain bike movie – and the song is a belter too.Cat Empire – Two Shoes. There have been a LOT of Whistler videos in the history of mountain biking but not many can top the ender from Seasons. With Steve Peat, Darren Berrecloth, Stevie Smith, Cam McCaul, Matt Hunter, Thomas Vanderham and Andrew Shandro all featured in a five minute segment, it’s easy to see why this one takes some beating – especially when it’s accompanied with the Aussie-ska stylings of the Cat Empire.Band of Horses – Funeral. On 19 April 2009, Danny MacAskill‘s life changed forever. He went from a shop hand at MacDonald Cycles to the most recognisable face in mountain biking and, 37 million views later, his Inspired Bicycles edit still looks stunning.

8. Mountain bike news, photos, videos and events - Pinkbike


5 hours ago The latest mountain bike videos including - freeride, downhill, trials, how to and more in stunning HD

9. Mountain Biking Videos - Vital MTB


34 hours ago Check out for the latest in cycling and mountain biking news, freeride videos, photos, events and more. Submit your own biking pictures and videos online. Buy the latest biking DVDs ...

10. Best Bike Videos- 30 Craziest Cycling Videos


13 hours ago Mountain Biking videos, including downhill, freeride, park, and dirt jumping. | Bike Checks. All Member Bike Checks; Top Bike Checks ... Bike Warrior - 7 Day multi stage Enduro: Australia. Bluedirt. ... Best MTB Gear of 2020 - Vital MTB Staff Picks. iceman2058. 11/5/2020 11:23 AM. 8.

11. RITUAL 2020 Packs More than a Dozen of the Best MTB ...


28 hours ago  · The Best Bike Videos We’ve Ever Seen. Watch our favorite jumps, flips, descents, and more. By Matt Bevilacqua. Sep 24, 2020 Valentin Anouihl/Fabian Monchâtre.

12. Video: 90 Minutes of Some of the Very Best MTB Movies of ...


18 hours ago  · RITUAL 2020 Packs More than a Dozen of the Best MTB Shredits into a Single, Hour Plus Film [Video] By Video Share October 30, 2020. The Ritual Mountain Bike Film tour was scheduled to launch this spring, but then Covid hit, so the producers and sponsors are releasing the full presentation online, for free. ...

13. Best Mountain Bike Saddles-


2 hours ago  · Video: 90 Minutes of Some of the Very Best MTB Movies of 2020 in the Ritual Bike Film Tour. Oct 25, 2020 ... In the other video, the Mexican biker asks for permission from nature to …

14. The 15 Best Mountain Bikes of 2020 | Different Types


10 hours ago Designed around full suspension MTB fit and function, the Terra Alpaca X5 is a unique saddle in that it is focused more around a bike and type of riding rather than the rider. Like a favorite chair, it can be nearly impossible to give up a favorite mountain bike saddle. Anything under 200 grams is super light for a mountain bike saddle.

15. The Best Trail Bike of 2020 – 15 Mountain Bikes in Review ...


9 hours ago The ‘Karate Monkey‘ is equipped with the latest technologies that are proved to be the best-optimized for the best hardtail mountain bike experience. Anyway, this truly is a hardtail trail mountain bike to consider when you are looking for a performance race’ companion.


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